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Become more agile, more efficient, and build customer trust with asset tracking.

Based on open-source building blocks, create tailored digital solutions for your vehicle connectivity, your customer engagement, and your fleet management tools.

We act as an innovation catalyst for the development and the adoption of a sustainable and interoperable data management system.

Vehicle owner benefits.


Smart key

Connect securely to lock or unlock your vehicle even without mobile network.

Vehicle sharing

Give access to your vehicle at distance without compromising privacy.

Real-time status

Get data in live from embedded sensors, all with end-to-end encryption.

Theft detection

Be notified when a movement is detected and find customer support.

Range prediction

Automatically train your app to better know how you can use your e-bike.

Automated statistics

Find the history of everything about how you used your vehicle.

Fleet manager benefits.


OTA updates

Keep track of the status of embedded devices and perform rolling updates.

System monitoring

Connect with the BMS and track potential erros and maintenance alerts.

Enhance customer support

Follow-up with warranties, insurance claims, owner change with traceability.

Build on sustainable foundations.


Low-liability achieved by a zero-trust architecture as encryption of data occurs in the logic of the device where it is created.


Low-latency achieved by edge computing as synchronised occur only on the user device, and storage is distributed closer to the user.


Traceability achieved by data completeness and origin encrypted at its creation or by any device where it is modified.


Low energy consumption achieved by a local-first approach and more flexibility on the communication protocol.

How to get started?

We propose services to help you conceive, develop and manage your solutions.

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